Jeff Comerchero
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As the current Mayor of Temecula and a member of the City Council, I am proud of my involvement in shaping our city into this warm and caring community that we call home.

You can always count on me to represent you with integrity, honesty, responsibility, and common sense.

I'm fiercely protective of the excellent quality of life we enjoy in Temecula and have waged many battles over the years to keep that high standard.

Temecula is fortunate in that our team of city council members and staff are ready to staunchly advocate for our citizens in order to ensure that our city is managed efficiently and stays fiscally sound. Sometimes that requires going up against other governmental bodies such as the County, State, and even the Federal government so that we can keep control over those issues that are important to our city.

The combined experience of our current council allows us to carry the clout needed to defend ourselves as a strong local governance when encroachment threatens our environment, funding, or safety. I am committed to continue bringing that experience and leadership to the Temecula City Council, and that is why I am running for another term.

Family values are of great importance to me, as my family is my most precious blessing. I vow to continue to look out for and stand up for you and your families as well.

I am accessible to you by appointment at City Hall or by email at and your comments and questions are welcomed. It means a lot to me to serve you, your family and your neighbors as we continue to keep Temecula a great place to live.

Thanks for visiting my web page,
---Jeff C.



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